(fancam) 140413 ‘hello!’ greeting party - hunhan @ 4:37 onwards

the hard life of luhan

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after luhan won the game against sehun

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sehun asking luhan to make a heart with their fingers (´∀`)♡

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121201 hong kong airport - sehun waiting for luhan

(fancam) 121201 hong kong airport - hunhan focus ()

140420: happy 24th birthday lulu ♡
the sun is shining more brightly today as a way to wish you happy birthday.

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when you smile, sunshine… 

Happy Birthday Luhan

Thank you for being such a perfection omg i hate u.

Thank you for your beautiful smile cos i wanna punch u.

Thank for having such a pretty heart, im angry at how u r such an angel argh.

Thank you for being such a sore loser when u lose cos fuck why r u so cute

Thank you for standing behind or hiding behind during broadcast bcos u wanna give the others more screen time but like can u think for urself u sjsbjdndnsdd.

Thank you for answering questions with like 爱你们 cos ya i hate u too.

Thank you for having such a beautiful voice cos FUCK FUCK FUCJDJJWBWJWJWJWHJW

Thank you for your whoring moments cos fuck ships r meant to fly bitch

Thank you for ur baby face cos fuck u just got a year older but ur face says no bitch always twelve ✌

Thank you for that hip thrust just now during overdose cos fuck me pls

Lastly thank you for that confidence u showed just now like fuck like now ur *hip thrusting in yo face bitches* *smirkin at u dyin bitches* stage presence lvl 9999999999999999999 !!!@!!#@ *pats ur head proud of u mah boi*

Enjoy ur bdae at nanjing tmr!!!
(ya screw last words i suck)

[MIDNIGHT DEER] Luhan 24th Birthday